What is a push notification and how to send it to users

A push notification is a small window that pops up on a client’s computer or phone. It looks like this:

A push notification is shown to the user even if they are not currently on your site. Moreover, even if their browser is minimized, the user will still see a push notification on their screen.

Push notifications are supported by Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

To send a push notification to a client, you do not need to know the client’s email address or phone number.

It’s enough that the user has given you permission to send them notifications. You cannot send notifications without permission.

To ask the user for permission to send notifications, you need to make a special push subscription widget. Find out how to do this.

How to create a push notification

Open the “Web Push” section and click on the “Create Push notification” button.

You will see the message creation interface. Fill in the fields and see how notifications will look in different browsers on the preview on the right side of the screen. Note that on MacOS, long text is clipped.

Select the recipient segment or specify the required conditions in the filter. Check everything again and click “Run”. A push notification will be sent to all selected visitors at once.

If the visitor is not online when the push notification is sent, they will still receive a notification if they open the browser during the day. If the visitor doesn’t open the browser in a day, the message will be deleted.

Which domain are the push notifications sent from?

Push notifications are sent from mysite.domain.push.convead.io, where “mysite” is your domain name, or an automatically generated string created from your domain name and random numbers if such an address is already occupied.

If the first part of the address does not suit you, you can contact technical support and we will change it. But it should be done as soon as possible, because when you change the domain, you will lose subscribers who opted to receive notifications from the old domain.

Analytics on push notifications

After sending a notification, you will be able to see the analytics. They look similar to the analytics of your email newsletter or widget. On the analytics page you can see how many notifications were sent, how many of them users saw, and how many clicks and orders they generated.

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