How to get permission from a user to send push notifications

To send browser push notifications to users, you need to get their permission – or, in other words, make them subscribe to push notifications from your website.

This is done using widgets.

Create a widget that pops up and invites unsigned visitors to subscribe to push notifications. You can use ready-made templates for push subscriptions (there are 3 of them: topper, pop-up, and notification), and you can make a widget to your taste.

It is important to specify in the properties of the “Subscribe” button the action to be taken when the visitor clicks “Subscribe to web-push”, as in the screenshot above.

Convead supports two types of push subscription:

1. If your site does not support SSL, then after the user clicks on the “Subscribe” button in the widget, they will see a window with an example notification and a proposal to allow impressions.

2. If your site is accessible via https and has a valid SSL certificate, you can set up a subscription in the current site window. To do this, go to “Settings” > “Configure WebPush notifications” and follow the instructions on the page.

After the user allows you to send notifications to them, they will have a flag, “Subscribed to push notifications”, which you can use when filtering. Plus, the user will automatically fall into the standard segment:

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