Switching a conversation between managers: opening and closing dialogues

There are multiple operators in your Convead account, and each has access to all the dialogues. Any operator can close a dialogue, open it again, or pass it to another operator.

Assigning a dialogue to an operator

When a new client types in the chat, it is not assigned to any operator yet. A red dot will indicate that there are unread messages. As soon as one of the operators answers the chat, a dialogue will be attached to it. An operator can manually assign a dialogue to themselves or to another operator.

Opening and closing dialogues

Once a visitor (or operator) has initiated a conversation, it is considered open. The operator can close the dialogue at any time. To do this, they need to click on the “Close” icon at the top.

If the visitor types in the chat again, the dialogue will automatically open again. An open dialogue to which the operator has not yet responded has a red dot. It disappears if they either reply to the dialogue or close it.

The events of opening and closing the dialogue are reflected in the timeline.

Viewing dialogues

You can choose which dialogues you want to see: all, those assigned to a single manager, open, or closed.

Any operator can see dialogues assigned to other operators.

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