How chat messages work if one of the correspondents is offline

If a visitor or operator is offline, when someone writes a message to them, they will receive an email with the text of the message (if Convead knows their email address).

From the visitor’s side

If the operator sends a message to a visitor who is not on the site, they will receive an email.

If the client clicks on the button, they will go to the website, where they will see the same message in the window of the online consultant.

From the operator’s side

If a visitor types in the chat when the operator is not online, the operator will receive a similar email

To go to the dialogue with the client in the “Contacts” section, the operator will need to click on the “Dialogues” tab in Convead. They will see new messages with a red dot – this is an indicator that the message has not been answered yet:

Important point! There could be a lot of operators on your Convead account, and the visitor can only be assigned to one of them. In this case, the email in offline mode will only be sent to the operator who is assigned to that client. If a visitor is new (and therefore is not assigned to any operator yet) and types in the chat, the email will be sent to all operators.

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