What key pages are and how to create them

A key page is a page for which you want to monitor the visits. For example, contact page, feedback page, or product page. If you wish, all product pages on your Convead website can be combined into one key page named “Product pages”.

Key pages can be used to segment visitors: highlight the people who watch a particular group of products more often. Also, the key pages will be visible in the section “Contacts” > “Online”. There you can see which visitors are online and which pages they are on.

Key pages can also be used to display the widget. For example, you can specify that the widget should only be shown on some key pages (say the home page, the contact page, and the checkout page). Or you can choose to exclude some pages from the widget display – tell Convead to show the widget on all pages of the site except for a few key pages.

To create a key page, click “Settings”, select “Key pages”, and then click on “Add a key page”.

In the opened window you can specify a name for the new page.

The next step in creating a new key page is to create a template. You can choose one key page or create a group of key pages. In order to generate it automatically, in a special form, specify one or more examples of addresses of pages on your site. For your convenience, there are tooltips in the edit window.

If you are an advanced user, you can write a template yourself using the regular expression syntax.

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