How to import my recipient list

You can upload your list of recipients to Convead by downloading it from your CMS. This can be done by creating a one-time mailing or a scheduled mailing at the “Recipients” step.

Set the switch to “Import recipients”. Click on the “Choose an Excel file” button and upload your file. It will be sent to the moderator for review. If the moderator does not approve the file, you will receive an email asking you to fix the errors and follow up on the recommendations.

To speed up the file verification process, please check the following points in advance:

It is worth noting that it is not necessary to immediately launch a mailing to the downloaded database! Once you have successfully uploaded the file, the new contacts will be added to the existing ones in your feed.

Important point! We take our own reputation and the reputation of our customers very seriously, so we strictly prevent attempts to send spam. The moderator may refuse to upload your file, or ask you to clarify the origin of the database, if they consider that the addresses were not collected with the help of your online store. For example, if you have a small online store with a visitor count of 500 people a day, and the domain has existed for less than a year, it is impossible to just download a database of 100,000 addresses and send a mailing.

You can also upload your database here:

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