How to see how many people bought the product after receiving the mailing

You sent your visitors a mailing which contained a great offer and product – like this one:

How to find out how many of them made a purchase

On the mailing’s analytics page you can see the list of customers who made an order within 48 hours after opening the email or clicking on the product button. Click on “Orders” on the funnel and the list will appear on the right. Their orders may not contain the goods from the mailing – maybe they wandered around the site and chose something else.

But you can see everyone who bought the proposed product after receiving the email. To do this, you can build a segment. Add the conditions “mailing-moved” and “Product purchased”.

Now we can see that 4 visitors bought a set of threads as a result of the mailing. The email reminded them of you and pushed them – pleasantly! – to buy. =)

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