What emails can be sent to those who are not subscribed to mailings

Convead distinguishes between three types of emails:

  • Trigger transactional – mailings after an order or when changing the order status, emails with a promotional code after filling in the email address in the widget, emails on user events.
  • Trigger marketing –mailings on the “Abandoned cart” and “Abandoned view” scenarios.
  • Mass marketing – one-time and scheduled mailings.

Transactional mailings do not usually contain advertising. They are sent to the customer regardless of whether they have agreed or not.

It is not good to send lots of marketing emails in a row, so Convead is able to automatically check before sending whether the recipient is signed up to receive these.

To specify which mailings can be sent without the consent of the customer and which cannot, go to “Settings” > “Double opt-in settings” and check what you want to send to recipients who have NOT confirmed their email address.

Before sending a mailing to a client, Convead will automatically check whether they have confirmed their subscription or not. You won’t have to do anything else.

We strongly recommend that you uncheck both boxes in order to send all mailings with advertising and products only to those customers who have confirmed their subscription. Don’t spam your customers with emails they don’t expect. Then your account will have a good reputation and your emails will have excellent delivery and open rates.

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