In Convead we have created a scenario for the return of abandoned carts, so that you can have an effective impact right away.

Note that before you start returning abandoned carts, you will need to configure the collection of visitors’ email addresses. This will make the return of carts much more efficient.

The script consists of three mailings, each of which you can enter, correct the content of, and run.

First email

The first email will be sent 45 minutes after the visitor has abandoned their shopping cart. After leaving the site, their session will end in 30 minutes, and after a further 45 minutes the mailing will be sent.

The email itself looks like this. There are cards with the goods left by the visitor and a promise to reserve these goods for 3 days. You can edit the email as you need.

Important point! Notice the left column. It should not have a box with the text “To use these elements, you must specify the XML feed with your products on the account page”. If such a window is present, then you do not have an XML file with the goods, and a block with the abandoned goods will not be inserted into the email on the “Abandoned cart” event. Read more about what the XML feed with goods is and how to register it in Convead.

The most important part of the email is the “Abandoned cart” block. In the editor, it looks like a stub with fictional goods, but when sent to the visitor it will be populated by the actual products that they left in the cart. Product names and photos will be taken from your XML file. Only stubs are inserted into the test email.

In the scenario, the email is sent automatically 45 minutes after the “Abandoned cart” event.

Second email

The second email in the scenario of an abandoned cart will start 1 day after the occurrence of this event. If during this time the visitor orders the products that were abandoned, or removes the goods from their cart, the chain will stop and the visitor will no longer receive emails about this cart.

The email contains a reminder that the visitor has left the goods, and says that the term of reserve will expire soon. You can edit the content. What if you are ready to offer the buyer a discount or a gift?

Third email

If the visitor has not yet decided to buy the goods in the abandoned cart, then on the third day they will receive an email with a promotional code for a discount, which expires that night. What better reason to hurry?

You can set up your own sending conditions for each email. You can run just two of the three, or even only one.

Please note: in each email in the step “Recipients”, there is item 2 – “When”. In addition to postponing sending, there you can also choose how many times to send an email. If you choose the option “Send every time”, the visitor will receive a chain of emails for each abandoned cart. If you choose “Send no more than once a week”, no matter how many times a visitor abandons a cart in a week, they will only get an email for one of them. Be careful with this setting. It allows you to limit the number of emails and not to irritate customers who find it difficult to make a choice straight away.

Attention! Before starting, be sure to go to the site as a buyer and abandon a test cart. You should receive an email from the mailing. Make sure that the items in the feed are reflected correctly. Is everything okay? Then you can run the “Return of abandoned carts” scenario!

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