Mailing on an abandoned view is a mechanism for sending emails to people who have looked at the goods, but have not bought anything or even put anything in their cart. If this person’s email address is known, Convead can send them a letter with details of the goods that they viewed.

“Abandoned view” scenario

You will find the same mailings in the “Campaigns” section in the “Abandoned views” folder. You can launch them from here.

Create a mailing on abandoned view
The main part of the mailing on abandoned view is the products that were viewed by the user. To send details of the goods to the user, you need to insert the “You viewed” block into the email.

The block has various settings. Click on it and, in the pop-up window, select how many products to insert into the email and what to write on the buttons below the goods:

Mailing settings

To send emails in a timely manner to the right people, in the mailing settings on the “Recipients” step, select “Auto-mailing” and specify the “Viewed products and left the site” event in the “Recipients” block.

Next, fill in the other required fields, such as the name and email address of the sender, and you are ready to run.

Important point! Convead will send an email with details of the goods only to those people who looked at the goods, but did not buy anything and did not put any products in their cart. If the visitor suddenly returns to the site and makes a purchase or puts something in their cart, the mailing will automatically be canceled. Convead is smart; it knows that there is no need to send such emails if the situation has changed.

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