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How to use pre-made campaigns and create your own

3 articles


How to create and send emails

26 articles

Live chat

How to set up and use live chat

6 articles


How to create and set up pop ups and other types of widgets

16 articles

Push notifications

How to create and send push notifications

4 articles

Segments and visitors

How to use CDP and learn more about visitors

9 articles

Orders and shopping carts

Find out how cart data works in Convead

4 articles

Analytics and reporting

How to work with reports and how they can help you

7 articles


How to set up or change settings in Convead

10 articles


First thing to do when you start working with Convead

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API Docs

Transfer any custom data (for pro users)

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Plans and legal documents

Everything you need to know about plans and legal documents

5 articles