What do the metrics in the “Analytics” section show

Convead collects and displays key metrics for your online store. You can see them on the “Analytics” page, next to the sales funnel. All metrics are calculated based on the selected time period, traffic channels, and visitor segment.

  • Purchase amount – the total revenue generated by sales through the online store for the selected period.
  • In abandoned carts – the total value of goods left in abandoned carts.
  • Conversion – the ratio of the number of purchases to the number of all visits to the online store.
  • Average check – the sum of all purchases divided by their number.
  • New visitors – the number of visitors to the site for the first time.
  • Average visit time – the average length of time for which visitors stay on your site.

It is very convenient to use metrics to view important parameters for narrow segments of visitors. For example, constructing segments for “Yandex” and “Google” enables you to compare the conversion rate, average ticket, revenue, etc. for these advertising channels.

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