How to calculate income from Convead

Convead produces hundreds of automatic effects on your visitors each day: it shows them widgets, sends them emails, etc. Effects which in the opinion of Convead led to a purchase are called “effective impacts”. All purchases made as a result of effective impacts are taken into account in the calculation of income. The amount of income is displayed at the bottom of the main screen of the service:

An “effective impact” is an impact that resulted in an event (or chain of events) of a certain type which led the visitor to purchase within a limited period of time after the occurrence of the event. If these conditions are met, Convead believes that the impact was “effective”, i.e. it directly or indirectly influenced the visitor’s decision to make a purchase.

Currently, Convead supports the following types of effective impacts:

1. Conversation with the visitor in the online chat – message from the visitor – purchase is made within 2 hours from the time of the event.

2. Email mailing (one-time or trigger) – recipient opens the email – purchase is made within 48 hours from the time of the event.

3. Email mailing (one-time or trigger) – recipient clicks on any link in the email – purchase is made within 48 hours from the time of the event.

4. Widget – visitor interacts* with the widget – purchase is made within 1 hour from the time of the event.

*Clicks either the button or any link on the widget.

Convead believes that it helped you to get income if:

1. One of the above events occurred.

2. The relevant visitor made a purchase within the specified time interval.

For example:

The visitor was sent the widget “My widget” and made a purchase within 1 hour.

  • The impact of showing the visitor “My widget” is considered effective.
  • The revenue that resulted from this impact is equal to the amount of the visitor’s order.

The visitor opened your mailing “My newsletter” and navigated from it to your site. They left the site without buying anything. However, within 48 hours they came back to the site (from any source) and made a purchase.

  • The impact of sending “My newsletter” is considered effective.
  • The revenue that resulted is equal to the amount of the visitor’s order.

If there is a high density of impacts, it is possible that several impacts that led to one order will all be recognized as “effective”. Convead takes this into account and, in the metric “Income from Convead”, only shows the amount for unique purchases made as a result of effective impacts.

The number of purchases that you see in the analytics of mailings and widgets is also based on the concept of effective impacts and is calculated according to the system described above.

For example:

A visitor can receive an email, click on it, receive a widget, talk to a consultant in the chat, and then make a purchase. All three impacts will be recognized as “effective”: the mailing, the widget, and the chat. The analytics of all three of these impacts will show information about this purchase. However, when calculating the total revenue from Convead, the purchase will only be posted once.

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