Comparisons of visits and bounce rates in Convead and Google Analytics

Our customers often pay attention to the difference between the indicators in Convead and the indicators in Google Analytics (GA).

In the case of the number of visits, this is due to the fact that GA shows unique visitors, while Convead first looks at the total number of sessions and only then assigns them to specific visitors. This is explained by the fact that visitors to online stores often don’t make a purchase on the first visit – to make a decision to buy, a person often requires several visits to the site.

In the case of failures, the difference is even more obvious – GA considers exiting the site after viewing one page to be a “failure”. Convead considers exiting the site without viewing the products or services to be a “failure”. Since our service is designed for online stores, our sales funnel (in the Analytics section) shows only relevant target actions – “Visit”, “View product”, “Add product to cart”, and “Purchase”. Viewing the product is a prerequisite for the transition to the second stage.

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