How to see information about each visitor

Convead collects and stores a lot of information about each visitor. You can see it in the “Contacts” section.

Open the “Contacts” section, select any visitor, and click on them. You will be taken to their card.

Under the name of the client, you can see where they are from and whether they are now on the site. If you click on the name of the country, the map will open and you will see where the visitor is.

In the cart

Here you can see the products that the visitor has put in their shopping cart. It is updated constantly.


Here you will see all the information on the customer’s orders: new, completed, and canceled.

Personal information

Here you can see all the data that we were able to obtain about the client: email address, phone number, gender, date of birth, etc. If your account is configured with individual fields and they collect some data (via widgets or transferred from the CMS), this will also be visible here.


Lists all the segments in which the visitor falls. If you click on one of them, you will be taken to the “Contacts” section and will see all the visitors included in this segment.

Data on visits

Information about their first and last visit: date, source, search engine, etc.

More information about all the characteristics of the visitor can be found in this article: Attributes of the visitor, the sources of visits, the parameters of visits.

Visitor activity history

The right part of the contact card shows the history of all the visitor’s actions. Here you can see the beginning and end date/time of each visit, page views, products, cart update events, purchases, views, sent widgets, mailings, downloaded files, and messaging dialogues in the chat.

Clicking on a shopping cart or order in the timeline opens a pop-up window with the products in that order or shopping cart.

In addition to the above, the timeline will display all user events that you can configure in Convead.

You can also communicate with the client directly via their card; at the bottom there is a field for messages. All messages will be displayed in the timeline. Also in the timeline you will see the opening and closing of the dialogue and any change of manager. You can open or close the dialogue with the button in the upper right corner. If you click on the checkbox, only messages will be shown in the timeline. There are three points in the right corner; by clicking on them, you can change the responsible manager for this dialogue or edit the client profile.

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