Why do we need segments and what can be done with them

Your site visitors can be grouped into segments based on different conditions. This allows you to influence them in a more targeted way, as well as to obtain more accurate analytics. Segments are groups of visitors to your online store, combined under different conditions.

For example, you can select people in a separate segment:

  • By geography – for example, to allocate inhabitants of a certain city to a segment and offer them special conditions for delivery.
  • By their behavior on the site (visited for the first time, visited X times but did not buy anything, bought X times, purchased a certain amount, etc.).
  • Those whose email address you do not know – to encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list for promotions and sales or to get a promotional code for a discount.
  • By gender – to congratulate them on holidays in different ways, recommend products, etc.
  • By any condition – for example, the values of your own individual fields.

Ideas and examples of working with segments.

You can create and manage segments on the “Contacts” > “Segments” page.

Note: Convead already has a few preset segments. These are the basic segments: “All visitors”, “Have email”, “No email”, and RF segments.

You can create your own segment and set any rules you want.

When you select any segment in the list, on the right-hand side you will see a list of the visitors who make up the selected segment. Above the list, there is the analytics block for this segment. Here you can see the number of orders, the average check, and the amount for which the selected visitors made purchases. Under the icons “Browsers/devices”, “Platforms/OS”, “Countries/Channels”, etc., analytical charts for the selected segment of visitors are hidden.

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