Why does the mailing to the segment have fewer recipients than are in the segment itself

If you send a one-time mailing or scheduled mailing to a segment of visitors, you may notice that there are fewer recipients of the mailing than there are users in the segment itself.

For example, in the “Subscription. New items” segment there are 12,226 visitors:

But in the mailing for this segment there are only 9,941 recipients:

Why is this?

1. Double opt-in settings in your account do not allow you to send marketing emails to those who are not subscribed to your mailings. In this case, Convead will send emails only to those visitors from the segment who are also subscribed to the mailing list. We can see the number of such visitors in the mailing settings.

You can check in the double opt-in settings:

2. Some of the users in the segment might be blacklisted, so Convead will not send them an email.

3. There may be no “Email – filled” condition for the segment. This means that those visitors who do not have an email address will still be placed in the segment, but when you try to send a mailing, Convead will only show the number of those whose email address is known.

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