How do order statuses work

In Convead, all orders have a status. By default, a new order is created with the “New” status. There are four system statuses:

  • new
  • paid
  • shipped
  • canceled

If these statuses are not enough for you, you can create and transfer your own statuses to Convead or register an alternative key to any of the system ones.

Order statuses in analytics

Canceled orders are visible on the funnel:

You can click on this number to get to the “Contacts” section, where you will see a list of all canceled orders:

Click on the order number and you will see its full composition, characteristics, and the “Canceled” symbol:

Order statuses in the visitor’s timeline

If an order status has changed, a record of this will be visible in the visitor’s timeline. Order statuses are also visible in the “Orders” block on the left.

Order statuses in triggered mailings

The order status is needed primarily in order to send a triggered mailing. To do this, the event “Change order status” is used in Convead. You can send an automatic mailing on this event and insert the order details in the email. You can read more about how to send a mailing when changing the order status in this article.

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