Order status

The order status is a string characteristic of a particular order. It’s passed over in the events “Purchase” (purchase) and “Order status change” (order_update).

Look at examples of purchase and order_update events.

The characteristic can take any value. It is configured in the Convead account and has preset values:

  • new – new order (if the status is not specified when purchasing, its default value will be new)
  • paid – the order was paid
  • shipped – the order was shipped
  • canceled – the order was canceled (this excludes the order from the statistics until a status other than canceled is sent)

Important! The status change event must be sent to Convead with the same user UID with which the order was created, otherwise it will be ignored.

A change of status from a non-existent order_id will be ignored.

When changing the status, you are allowed to transfer the order parameters and user data, but it is not mandatory.

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