How to create your own order status

Convead supports four system order statuses:

  • new
  • paid
  • shipped
  • canceled

These statuses are transferred by default from the majority of CMSs for which the module is developed.

If there is no integration module for your CMS yet, you can configure the status transfer manually. The instructions are here and here.

You can manage your system’s statuses in “Settings” – in the “Status of orders” section.

What if your CMS supports “new”, “paid”, “shipped”, and “canceled” statuses, but you cannot transfer the relevant key values from your CMS to Convead?

The answer is simple – give them aliases.

Set an alternative key (alias) for the system status of the order

For each system status, you can specify an alternative key that your CMS can transfer to Convead. To do this, click on the three dots in the system status bar and open the “Edit” pop-up. Enter the key that corresponds to the selected system status that you wish to transfer.

Now Convead will understand your key just as it understands the system statuses.

That’s the alternative keys sorted out, but what if you do not use these four standard order statuses?

Create your own order status

You can create any number of your own order statuses and send them to Convead. Click on the blue button in the top right-hand corner, fill in the fields and – voilà! – a new status is created.

Transfer this status to Convead and it will be processed in the same way as the four preset system statuses. It will also be possible to send trigger mailings based on these custom statuses.

Attention! Currently, InSales and Ecwid do not support the ability to create custom order statuses. The data about a change of order status is not sent to Convead. However, the preset statuses in these CMSs do work properly.

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