How to see all orders for today, this week, this month…

The number of orders for today, yesterday, the last 7 days, the last month … can all be found on the sales funnel. The orders themselves (as well as carts and abandoned carts) and the goods in them can be seen in the “Contacts” section.To see the number and amount of orders on the funnel, select the period you are interested in and look at the funnel.

You will see the number of orders for the selected period at the bottom of the funnel on a green background. The order amount is visible in the metrics at the top right of the screen. It also shows the conversion rate and the average check for the period you set.

If you click on the number of purchases on the funnel, you will be taken to the “Contacts” > “Filter” section, where you will see all the visits in which the purchases were made and the orders themselves.

In the analytics block above the list you can see the total number of orders, the average check, and the order amount. In addition, you can view reports on browsers, countries, platforms, time of visits, viewed categories, and Top 10 products by selecting the appropriate icon.

If you click on the order number next to the cart icon, you will see which items are in it.

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