Abandoned View Campaign

All pre-made campaigns in Convead are aimed at different goals and can overlap. Run the ones that meet your goals. This will allow you to achieve maximum results.

Important!  The pre-made webforms and email settings cannot be changed as they are part of the campaign. This can lead to a violation of the logic of the campaign.

If you want to change an element's settings, copy it and make changes in the duplicate.

The "Abandoned View" campaign consists of 1 widget and 4 automatic mailings.

Email "Abandoned view #1 - after 90 minutes"

The visitor visits the site during the day, looks at the products, and does not put anything in the basket. 90 minutes after the end of the session, the client will receive an email with a selection of viewed products. The email will be sent to everyone who has not made a purchase before or placed an order more than 1 day ago and who does not have items in the basket.

For example, a visitor moved from an email back to viewing a product. The newsletter will not be sent again on this day. This will avoid obsession and unsubscribing due to frequent emails.

Nuances.  Mailings based on the trigger "I looked at the goods and left the site" will be sent to all customers with known mailing addresses.

Email "Abandoned view #2 - after 24 hours"

The next email will be sent in 1 day to all those who did not place an order after the first letter and did not add the product to the basket. Remind about the viewed products, offer additionally the most popular or discounted products.

Nuance.  You can add popular products in a separate automatically generated block to the email if you registered in Convead more than 3 months ago. To do this, contact your manager. If you're new to Convead, you'll need to set items manually and change them periodically.

Email "Abandoned view #3 - after 48 hours"

The third email from the chain will leave 2 days after the abandoned view if the visitor has no goods in the cart and there were no orders before, or if the last one was made more than 3 days ago.

The third email is practically the same as the previous one, you also need to add popular or discounted products to it.

Email "Abandoned view #4 - after 72 hours"

The last email is sent after 72 hours if the person had no previous orders or the last order was more than 90 days ago + there are no products in the cart. In this newsletter, we offer a limited promo code for a discount on the next purchase to motivate a person to go to the site and place an order. In order not to get customers hooked on discounts, there are restrictions on sending (this letter will not be sent to loyal customers).

Webform "Discount after abandoned view email #4"

The webform pops up when you go to a site from the "Abandoned view #4" mailing list. The topper does not distract you from viewing goods and reminds you of a discount. The user does not need to return to the newsletter once again to copy the promotional code and apply it to the site. This saves him time and increases loyalty.

MPORTANT! All information about the products on your site is passed to Convead from the product feed. Make sure the feed is added to your account and works correctly.

Work with customers who are halfway through the purchase journey. Push to add to the cart, motivate to return to the site, and also remind you of the products that have been viewed.

We recommend launching the campaign in tandem with Grow Your Mailing List Campaign. The more addresses in your database, the higher the conversion from mailings.

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