Callback widget

Callback is a convenient and modern solution for online stores and commercial sites focused on direct (live) interaction with customers.

The callback widget allows a visitor to leave their phone number for feedback. Add it to the widgets menu as follows: “Add widget > “Popup” > “Would you like us to call you back?”

The finished template looks like this:

If desired, you can change the font size, title, and image, and add and remove blocks with fields. Customization of the widget is limited only by your imagination.

For more information on customizing the appearance of widgets, see this article.

Important! If you want the widget to be displayed correctly on mobile phone screens, its width should not exceed 320 px.

For the proper operation of the widget, “Action at the press of a button” should remain selected for the item “Send to Convead”.

When you have finished customizing the appearance of the widget, click “Next” and go to “Settings”.

Note the column on the left – “Notifications”. It is necessary to set the parameters by which you will track the conversion of the widget.

There are two types of alerts:

1. To inform the chat managers when a visitor has sent a widget.

When you receive this notification, in “Contacts” > “Dialogues” you will see the data of the visitors who have interacted with the widget; there will be a phone number.

2. To inform you if a visitor has sent a widget.

The notification will be sent to your specified email address (you can only specify one mailbox):

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