How to run game widgets (HTML)

Convead has game widgets to collect contact information: “Wheel of fortune”, “One-armed bandit”, and Lottery ticket”. You can find them in the widget templates:

The special feature of these widgets is that the user always enters their email address and name, but does not always win the bonus. An email with a promo code should only be sent when the visitor has won.

How to set it up

In this case, Convead has a special parameter that can be passed by pressing the widget button. All game widgets transfer the roulette_win parameter if the user has won and do not transfer anything if they have lost. This is embedded into the widget code.

How to set up a mailing with a promo code for winners

To set up a mailing with a promotional code after the user has won, you need to specify the value of the parameter in its conditions, like this:

If you DO NOT specify a parameter, but simply select the condition “Send widget”, the mailing will be sent to all who entered their email address – all winners and all losers. And that’s not what you want.

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