How to create a widget that encourages customers to put more products in the cart

If your site has free shipping above a certain order amount, or you are prepared to offer a discount on a large purchase, tell your customers using Convead’s widget.

Let’s say you have free shipping for orders over 100 dollar. Let’s encourage customers to put enough goods in the basket to be eligible for free delivery.

1. Create a notification widget that will tell the customer about a nice bonus in the form of free delivery. For example, like this one:

2. Set it up so that it can only be seen by visitors who have items in their basket totaling less than 100 dollars.

3. Indicate that the widget should not be displayed on the key pages “Checkout” and “Thank you for your purchase”.

Now let’s set the time for it to appear. On the first line, leave the field blank if you want to show the widget without any delay.

If you want the widget to close itself after 7 seconds, enter this value in the relevant field. If you want the widget to be visible until the visitor closes it, leave 0 there.

Do not limit the number of impressions to one visitor in point 4; leave that as an empty field.

Are you all set? Let’s get started! Let this widget bring you additional income, and savings on delivery for your customers!

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