How to put “Dear friend” in the widget if there is no name

You can insert a username or any other information that know into the widget, just like in the newsletters. If the name is not known, you can use “Dear friend” or any other phrase you like as a salutation.

Replace the username in the widget

First, insert the username into the widget. Select the text box in which you want to insert the name (a blue glow will appear around the block). In the panel on the right there is an editor with icons for formatting. Click on the icon {…} and select the first item, %{first_name}. Instead of this expression, Convead will insert the name of the user.

To replace the name with “Dear friend” in cases where you do not know the name, put the cursor between the word “first_name” and the closing curly brace, and type a vertical line | and “Dear friend” without spaces, like this:

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