How to choose the pricing plan


When choosing a plan in Convead, you should focus on the number of visits to your site, as their cost is different for each plan. The higher the fare, the cheaper the visit.

If there are more visits than included in the tariff plan, you should choose a slightly lower tariff. This will prevent you from overpaying.

For example, your site has 75,000 visits, but only 50,000 and 100,000 are available in the pricing plans. Mathematics will help in choosing a tariff plan:

If you choose a tariff for 50,000 visits, costing 250$, then the overspending amount will be 120$ - 50% of the cost of the tariff. The total cost will be 375$.

If we choose a tariff for 100’00 visits, costing 400$, there will be no overspending, but you will pay 10 dollars more.

When going beyond the tariff, the cost of visits is calculated in proportion to the tariff plan.


Any tariff plan includes enough letters to send trigger mailings. If you plan to send mass mailings, there will definitely not be enough letters and you will go beyond the tariff plan. This is normal and is done on purpose so that you pay only for those letters that you send at the end of the month.

The cost of letters for each tariff is the same - 4,9$ for every 1000 letters over the tariff plan.

Overspending payment

The amount of overspending on letters and visits will be automatically debited from the card when you pay for the subscription for the next month.

If you pay by bank transfer, you will be billed separately for overspending. It will come to the post office on the first day of the beginning of the new month.

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