How much will I pay if I will change the tariff

In Convead you can change your plan to a higher or lower tariff at any time.

If you change the tariff in the middle of your billing period, Convead will refund you for unused days of the old tariff and will charge you for the days before the end of the billing period at the new tariff.

Let’s look at an example. All changes to your tariff will be reflected in your payment. You can see this in your personal account, in the “Payments” section.

Example of receipt

The top two entries in the payment receipt below are a change of tariff on July 4 at 11:43. In the first line, Convead has returned the money for unused days at the old rate from July 4 to July 19 ($17.56). And on the second line it has charged payment from July 4 to July 19 at the new rate ($30.11).

The third line is the fee for the next month’s tariff ($60). This payment will be for the last tariff that you chose.

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