Checking data transfer to Convead

Data exchange protocol

Convead collects data (events) about the activity of visitors to the site.

The transfer can be performed by a backend (PHP, ROR, etc.) or frontend (JS) script.

Transferred events are in a strict format. Events in an incorrect data format will not be processed by the server. Also, events that have an incorrect app_key account or an unknown domain are excluded. If you want to use Convead tracking on several domains, all of them should be included in the list of account domains.

Basic events and testing

The Convead integration module has been tested to work with a clean assembly. Additional extensions, custom modules, or custom code can cause conflicts.

If the integration is working correctly, the following basic events should be transferred: page view (link), product view (view_product), basket update (update_cart), purchase (purchase), and order change or order status change (update_cart).

When testing, you need to monitor your activity on the site and compare it with the data in Convead. To do this, you need to open your website in one tab of the browser, and in the other tab go to the account connected to the site in the section “Contacts” > “Online”.

1. Find your contact (yourself) in the list of online contacts, and go to it. (I don’t see myself in the online list.)

In the right-hand column on the contact page, you will see a list of the valid events being processed by Convead in real time. When testing, you need to compare this data with your activity on the site.

2. Go to the product page.

You should see a “View” event for this item in your history.

3. Add an item to the cart, change the number of items in the cart, and remove the item from the cart.

At each change of the basket, the event “Update basket” (update_cart) should appear in the history of the activity.

4. Make a purchase. Convead will track the completion of product clearance.

At this point, the “Purchase” event (purchase) will be transmitted.

5. Change the order status in the admin panel of your CMS.

The “Change of status” event (order_update) should appear in the contact’s activity history.

Upload your product feed

To get full information about products and categories, it is necessary for the product IDs from the events (view_product, update_cart, purchase, and order_update) to be matched to the correct products in the YML (XML) feed.The “product option” is used as a product identifier. Therefore, the list should also include product variants.

If Convead cannot match the IDs of the items in your feed with the IDs of the goods, then the product data will be incomplete. Such products will not be included in the mailing list.

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