How to define what CMS I have

If you started installing Convead and have already specified the address of your site, then in the paragraph “Collecting data about site visitors” you need to select your CMS. How to find out which CMS your site is running on? Use this service

In the line, enter the address of your site, enter the verification code and click the "Detect CMS" button.

After verification, the name of your CMS will appear below. Ready!

You can select the appropriate icon in the Convead settings and proceed with the installation by following the instructions.

If the service could not determine your CMS, you may have a self-written site or a CMS unknown to the service. In such a case, you can install Convead manually. To do this, select the “Install manually” icon and follow the instructions.

If you have any difficulties with the installation, please contact technical support at

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