Instructions for installing Convead on the Magento CMS

First, you need to download the archive from our repository. Next, you need to download the module via Magento Connect Manager.

  1. In the admin panel, go to “System” > “Magento Connect” > “Magento Connect Manager”. Enter your login and password from the store admin panel.
  2. In the “Direct package file upload” section, click the “Browse” button and specify the archive with the module on your computer. Click the “Upload” button.
  3. If the module is installed, in the lower part of the Magento Connect Manager window you should see the text “Package installed: community Convead” and “Procedure completed”. If you cannot install the module in this way, try to install it via FTP

How to install the module using FTP:

  1. Unpack the archive with the module and upload the “app” folder from it via FTP to the root of your site. Replace any existing files if necessary.
  2. Clear your Magento cache: in the admin panel, go to “System” > “Cache Manager” and click “Flush Magento Cache”.

Then go to the admin panel of your store, the section “System” > “Configuration”.

In the sidebar, go to “Sales” > “Sales”.

In the “Convead Settings” section, enter the API key of your account in the “API-key” field, set the “Enabled” switch to “Yes” and save the changes with the “Save Config” button.

Make sure the plugin is installed correctly.

Make a trial purchase. The order should appear in the admin panel of your store. The order will appear on the Convead funnel within 30 minutes after you leave the site.

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