How to edit an email

Convead has a convenient constructor for editing the content of emails. You can change the text, insert images, and add links, buttons, and blocks with products.

Email template

If you have created a new mailing, you will first see the “Template” step. Select the appropriate color scheme and content template here. Looks okay? Click “Next”.

Important! If you click “Next”, edit the email, and then want to change the template, you will lose all changes. The email will have to be edited again with a new template. Be careful! Convead will show a warning when you return to the “Template” step.

Images in the email

You can edit the content of the email at the “Content” step.

The picture from the template can be replaced with your logo or other image. Just click on the picture of paper airplanes and a black panel for picture editing will appear. You can change the picture to your own, add a link, or delete the picture.

If you do not need a block with a picture in this email, you can delete it by clicking on the icon with the recycle bin. At any time, you can return a block by simply dragging it to the body of the email from the panel on the left.

The text of the email

To edit the text, just select the required piece and start typing.

The edit panel appears. You can change the font and its size and style. It is possible to add a table, link, picture, or list.

At the bottom of the panel there is an “HTML code” icon. This can be used to edit a text block in HTML.

The icon “User fields” allows you to substitute in the email the data of a particular user (for example, their name).

You can delete the whole block by clicking on the red recycle bin icon in the upper right corner of the block.

You can add blocks to the body of the email: text, buttons, pictures, links to social networks, blocks with goods. Simply drag the desired block from the left panel to the desired location in the email.

How to configure the button

In the email you can add a button with a link to your website. To do this, drag the “Button” block from the left part of the window to the email field. Click the button and the edit panel will appear.

There is an icon for editing HTML at the top.

At the bottom you can change the description on the button, change the color of the text and background, adjust the indentation from the edge of the button to the text, and adjust the width and color of the border.

Be sure to add a link to wherever you want the visitor to go when they click on the button. Click “Save” to apply the changes to the button.

To delete the button, click the recycle bin icon.

“Abandoned cart” block

You can insert into the email a block with the goods that the visitor left in their cart. Each recipient of the email will see the products from their own cart.

Drag the block to the email field. Click on it and add a link to the shopping cart on the website.

“Your order” block

In this block, the goods in the visitor’s order will be visible. Just drag and drop the block into the email.

“You looked” block

This block reflects the goods that the visitor looked at on the site.

You can set the number of products in the block and the text on the button. Don’t forget to save your changes.

The “Product” block

You can insert a product card into the email. Drag the block over, click on it in the email, and enter the name of the product in the opened window.

Automatic and scheduled content can be adjusted even after launch. To stop sending, go back to the “Content” step, make the changes you want, and start again. You cannot edit one-time mailings if they have already been started.

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