Is it possible to download data on visitors to Convead

Yes – if necessary, you can easily download information on visitors to your online store. This can be done in the “Contacts” and “Campaigns” sections.

Downloading data from the “Contacts” section

Any list of visitors in the “Contacts” section can be downloaded to an Excel file. So you can download all visitors, any segment, the results of a filter, etc. In order to download the file with the visitor data, you need to click on the “Export” icon located on the right above the list. The file will contain all the data collected on the selected visitors, including individual fields.

If the file is small (up to 1 MB), it will be saved on your computer immediately. If it is larger, you will receive an email with a link to download the file.

Downloading data from the “Campaigns” section

From each campaign list you can download a list of recipients and a list of those who opened the email, went to the site, unsubscribed, etc. It’s very easy to do this. On the “Analytics” page, click on any number on the funnel or on the arrows. The list of recipients corresponding to the selected block (for example, all who opened the email) will be displayed to the right of the funnel. There is an “Export” icon at the top right of the list. Click on it and a file with the recipients will be downloaded to your computer. Or, if the file is large, you will receive an email with a link to download it.

When exporting contact data, the file is downloaded in CSV format.

This format is not standardized, and can be opened by different – including some inappropriate – programs.

To open the file in a readable form, when you open the file, select “Settings: encoding” > “utf8”, separator > “semicolon”.

All fields will be readable.

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