How to send an email with a promotional code to a visitor immediately after filling out the widget

Let’s examine in detail how to automatically send an email to a visitor after they have filled out the widget and clicked “Send”. In most cases, this mechanism is used to send the visitor a promotional code for a discount or gift (which we promised in the widget) or to thank them for subscribing to our mailing list.

1. You need to create a promo code in your CMS

If you promised the visitor a discount or a gift, you need to create an appropriate promotional code in your CMS. We will need it in order to insert it into the mailing. After the promo code is created, you can start to create a mailing.

2. Open the “Campaigns” section

In the “Campaigns” section you can create your own mailing or select and edit one of the preset examples. Let’s follow a simple path and take as a basis for our mailing a ready-made example. Open the “Maillings”:

Here you will find a mailing called “Gift for email on your first purchase”. Click on it and you will be taken to the visual editor. We recommend that you copy the mailing so that you can restore it to its original form. To do this, select the mailing and click on the icon with three dots at the top right.

3. Edit mailing

Now you can choose the color scheme of the email.

Be sure to write in the code of your coupon. To change the text and coupon code, just click on the text box and it will go into edit mode. Above the block a menu will pop up with tools where you can change the size, alignment, font, text color, etc

Do not forget to specify the address of your website to go on the button “Continue shopping”. To do this, click on this button, and in the pop-up window paste the address of your site.

At the bottom of the email, enter your contact details and replace the manager’s photo with your own. Or you can delete everything and do as you like. 🙂

When you are satisfied with the appearance of the email, go to the “Recipients” step.

4. Set up the conditions for sending the email

First, make sure that “Auto-mailing” is selected, i.e. the mailing will be sent automatically when the event occurs.

Second, determine the event on which to send the mailing. Select “Sent widget” from the dropdown list, and in the next dropdown list, select the widget itself, when sending you want to send an email.

Next you need to configure “From whom” to send the email. Enter the sender’s name (for example, Vasily or the online store “Children’s World”), the sender’s email address (required by your domain), and the subject of the email.

Before sending an email, we strongly recommend that you make sure that everything is displayed correctly by opening the email in preview mode, as well as sending a test email to yourself (using the buttons at the top of the window).

When everything is ready, click “Start!”. The mailing will become active, and emails will be automatically sent to those who filled out and sent your widget.

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