How to set up sending double opt-in messages in Convead

Convead has a mechanism for double confirmation of a subscription (double opt-in). This means that after the visitor has entered their email address – for example, in the widget for collecting contact details – they will receive a confirmation email in which they must explicitly confirm their consent. Then mailings will not be sent to all customers, but only to those who want them.

Sending opt-in emails

You can send a subscription confirmation email in three cases:

1. After the visitor has entered their email address in Convead’s widget.

2. After the visitor has entered their email address in the form on your site (implemented by sending the event in Convead).

3. After the visitor has placed an order.

1. Sending opt-in emails after filling out the widget

To send an opt-in message to a visitor after you have received their email address from the widget, you need to put a check in the widget settings:

For example, there is a widget with an email field which is tied to a mailing with a promotional code. Two options are possible:

  • If the box is checked – the widget is shown to the visitor. They enter their email address and press the button. They immediately receive a confirmation email. The mailing with the promotional code is only sent after the visitor confirms their subscription.
  • If the box is not checked – the widget is shown when the visitor enters their email address. The mailing with the promotional code is sent immediately. No opt-in emails are sent.

2. Sending opt-in emails after receiving an event from the website

Let’s say you have your own form for collecting email addresses or registration. You can use Convead to send a confirmation email to all those who have entered an email address via this form.

You need to create an event in Convead. On the button in the form, register its code with the require_opt_in = true parameter. When the visitor clicks the button, the event will go to Convead and cause the email to be sent.

Example of event syntax:

<code><code>convead("event", "custom", {key: "your_key", require_opt_in:true}, {email:"<a href=""></a>"});

3. Sending opt-in emails after ordering

By default, after placing an order, the client receives an email with a request to confirm their subscription. To disable this, go to “Settings” > “Double opt-in settings” and uncheck “After a customer has made a purchase”. Click “Save”:

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