How to upload or remove a blacklist of unsubscribed customers

You can upload to Convead – or, conversely, remove from Convead – a blacklist of customers who have unsubscribed from mailings. If you are switching to Convead from another email marketing system, make sure you provide a list of contacts with high deliverability and a good open rate of emails.

Management of unsubscribed clients takes place in “Settings” > “Tools” > “Blacklist of email addresses”:

Go to this section and look at your list of unsubscribed customers (assuming someone has, of course, unsubscribed). In addition, non-existent addresses (bounced) and email addresses where the owner has flagged your newsletter as spam also fall here. At the top right there will be a gray icon for removing this list from Convead.

To upload a list of unsubscribers from your CMS or previous email marketing system, click on the “Select file” button and upload the file in Excel format. The file should contain one column of email addresses.

When switching from one email marketing system to another, it is very important to transfer blacklists of unsubscribed customers. This will allow you to work with a clean database, reduce the percentage of emails that end up in spam, and increase the open rate and the effectiveness of mailings.

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