How to make a trigger mailing for several widgets

By default, Convead offers to send trigger mailings by events:

  • made a purchase
  • abandoned shopping cart
  • looked at the goods and left the site
  • sent a widget
  • custom
  • change the status of order

In order for your mailing to work with multiple widgets, we need a custom event.

Take this situation, for example – your site a few different “Save to cart” widgets, and you need to mail based on each of them.

Go to the “Events on the site” section and create a new event.

Fill in the fields:

  • Name – any name you want. This will be used when displaying the event in the visitor timeline, as well as in the forms of filters and segments.
  • Key – unique identifier of the event (only Latin letters, numbers, and underscores). It should be transferred by your site as an event parameter.
  • CSS selector – optional field – selector of the element you need in the HTML markup of your site, which you click on when the event is triggered (more below).
  • Description – optional field – any clear description of the event. It will be displayed in the event list for your convenience.

You have created a custom event. Its JavaScript code looks like this:

<code><code><code>convead('event', 'custom', {key: 'event_key'});

In my example, the code looks like this.
If you add ConveadSettings.visitor_info the event will send data from the form. 

<code><code><code>convead('event', 'custom', {key: 'cart_save'}, ConveadSettings.visitor_info);

Now you need to write the JS code of your event for the button of each widget. Here is an example.

After writing the JavaScript code for each widget, go to your trigger mailing and choose a custom event and the name of your event.

Now the trigger mailing will work on all selected widgets.

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