How to send a mailing when changing the order status

You can configure sending a mailing in Convead when changing an order status.To do this, create a mailing in the usual way, write the desired text, and go to the “Recipients” step. In the left panel, select the type of mailing “Auto-email”. In the “Recipients” section, select the “Change order status” event, and in the dropdown list, select that status in the transition to which you need to send an email.

For example, you want to send an email after payment, so you choose the “Paid” status for mailing. As soon as your CMS receives the event “Change of status” to “Paid”, Convead will send your email to the client.

In the email on the event “Change order status” you can insert the block “Order” (i.e. the goods that the customer ordered) in the same way as in the mailing on the event “Purchase”.

Canceling an order cancels the mailing on the “Purchase” event.

Important point! Convead automatically cancels emails on the “Purchase” event if the order is canceled and the mailings have not yet been sent. For example, if you set up an automated email update 3 days after the customer places an order, but the customer cancels the order within 3 days, the email update will not be sent.

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