How not to spam

How can you avoid sending visitors a huge number of emails? After all, even emails with good content are annoying if they come too often. And if the recipient is annoyed by the emails, it is likely that they will click on the “Send to spam” button.

There are several ways to make your mailings less intrusive. You can use them selectively or all together.

1. Mailing on abandoned baskets

Convead has a preset script to prompt visitors to return to abandoned carts. Be sure to set a limit on how many emails can be sent per week or month.

For example, if you set the condition “Send no more than 1 emails per week”, even if the visitor goes to the site 5 times a week and abandons their basket, they will only get 1 emails per week.

Choose your limit based on the characteristics of your audience: compare someone who often updates their basket with someone who only rarely visits your site.

2. Emails on abandoned product views

Here you need exactly the same conditions as for emails on abandoned baskets. Perhaps they should be even more stringent, because visitors often go to a site just to have a look, to learn the characteristics of a product or compare prices. It would be unpleasant if they received an email after each visit.

Be sure to set a limit on the number of emails per week using the script “Abandoned view”.

3. A regular newsletter segment

If you have a scheduled newsletter that you send regularly to a segment of visitors, do not forget to add a condition that this newsletter has not yet been sent.

For example, below we have a regular mailing, “Coupon mailing”. Each day it checks visitors in the segment “Have not bought for a long time” and sends them an email.

If a visitor has already received this email today, but has not bought anything, then they will receive the email again tomorrow, because they still fit the segment conditions. To prevent this from happening, add the “‘Coupon mailing’ has not been sent” condition to the segment. Then you can be sure that each visitor will only receive an email from this mailing list once.

4. One newsletter a day

If you have several regular mailings, it is likely that some visitors may receive several emails a day. For example, an email about an abandoned basket, a one-time newsletter, and a regular mailing.

To prevent this, set the condition “Newsletter – ______ – not sent – for the last 1 day”. In this case, do not choose the name of a particular mailing, as in our screenshot. Then this email today will only go to those who have not received any mailings during the last day.

Add these conditions to your mailing lists and your visitors will be insured against a barrage of emails. So the efficiency of your mailings will be higher.

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