How to edit the widget

Convead has a widget editor. You can choose a ready-made widget template or create your own from scratch.

The type of widget and template

At the “Template” step, select the widget type and template. For example, we have chosen a pop-up window with an offer to leave your email address in exchange for 500 rubles. Click “Next”.

The main widget settings panel can be accessed by clicking the “Settings” button in the upper right corner. Click on it and the panel will appear on the right.

Here you can adjust the size of the widget – just change the numbers in the fields.

Important! If you want the widget to be displayed correctly on mobile phone screens, its width should not exceed 320 px.

Below you can see how to specify the width of the indentation from the edge of the widget and change the background color and text.

If you scroll further down the editing panel, you can replace the background image by clicking on the icon on the right. Here you can also adjust the corners and the frame around the widget if necessary.

You can customize the message that the visitor sees after submitting the form. To do this, check the relevant box in the editor and you will see a window for editing the text of the message.

Adding blocks

In addition, you can add the desired blocks to the widget and then edit them. If you want to add a block to the widget, simply drag it from the left panel to the widget body. Any block can be edited. To do this, simply click on it and the editing panel will appear on the right. To delete a block, hover over it and a recycling bin icon will appear in the upper right corner of the block.

If you created individual fields, the corresponding blocks will appear at the bottom of the panel in the “Additional fields” section.


Click on the block with the button and the editing panel will open on the right. Here you can change the text on the button, the background and text color, the font size, and the size and indentation of the button.

In addition, you can configure the action that will be performed when the visitor clicks on the button. For example, you can write on the button “No, thank you” and assign it a “close” action.


To make changes to the text, click on the block on the widget and type the desired text into the panel which opens on the right. There you can also change the font size, font style, and alignment. You can add an image, attach a link, and insert custom fields. For example, you can add a field and a visitor name to the text, and if Convead knows the visitor’s name, it will appear in the text of the widget.

Input field

The input field can be edited in the same way. Select it and in the panel on the right you can change the text, size, and indentation, and adjust the appearance – the frame and the radius of the rounding.

Important! Please note – is there a check mark next to “Required to fill”? If there is no check mark, the visitor will be able to use the widget without entering their email address.

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